Let’s Get Back to ………. It All!!

It has been a while since I posted about my life, my plans, dreams and definite major purpose.

Things have been fine and dandy really. No drama to report, just no significant movement in the direction of my plans. Little bits and pieces, however nothing huge.

Interestingly though, since doing the Master Key Mastermind Alliance programme, the burning desire hasn’t dropped away, the vision is still strong and the extra time I have injected into the process has uncovered some new and exciting aspects and opportunities that wouldn’t have existed a year ago.

I would love for you to stay with me and watch the journey from here, giving feedback, asking questions and hopefully joining in on the different stages as we grow.

The Adding To Life Brand will grow, our business name Soul’s Abode will come back to life, two major projects in the fields of adding value to the lives of others and optimum wellbeing have commenced.

First one is the focused work required to grow a solid Network Marketing (NWM) business with Sunrider International. In a very casual way we have continued to promote and use a very unique product line that provides an input of concentrated wholefood herbal nutrition and teas. The company itself has made changes I have been wanting to seeing for a long time that make this a fantastic time to treat this like the genuine business option it has become. Don’t get me wrong it has since 1982 been a great company with a good family running it and I may have been looking for excuses not to put myself out there, I can wear that badge.

Now I understand that some of you may have cringed at the words ‘Network Marketing’ for your own reasons, I get it. My thoughts I will share around that response are, not NWM operations and opportunities are the same. I have seen plenty that I wouldn’t look at, others who have products of value but don’t represent a good business option and others that I would consider getting involved in. So if you have had or know of bad experiences with home based business options, please open your mind to the idea that they are all not bad companies or questionable product offerings. I expect everyone I invite to look at our products and business option to due all the due diligence they need to make a good decision.

My interest in NWM is not a new fad, my involvement with Sunrider not a ‘latest greatest new opportunity’. My first look at this came as a probably 10 year old tagging along with my father to a Bestline business presentation. The model made sense. Later in life in the mid 1980’s I looked at what Amway had to offer and gave it a very short try out (so I do understand why someone might shy away from NWM / MLM). I even knocked back the first look at Sunrider because of my closed mind about the industry.

But now …. since 1992 I have become a fan of the business model when it is done right, by the right people for the right reasons. I have learnt how to do it right, become the right person and understand now the actual value a good NWM business can add to the lives of people.

There is no more ethical business model from what I can see. I don’t succeed without helping others have great product experiences or gain success themselves. I have to be a good leader, supporter and coach. I literally don’t make any meaningful income unless I help someone else to create a meaningful income. How ethical it that. There are no shortcuts, lazy people can’t make money and people with poor intention never last long. If only regular business worked that way.

I am happy to respond to any questions, comments or opinions you might have about that project.

The other project is more bricks and mortar style, with the establishment of a quality wholefood cafe that provides affordable healthy foods that are both 100% plant based and gluten free. A place where food if ethical in terms of animals, environment and importantly health. A place where the food is safe for the vast majority. A place with good music, art, opportunity for youth training and good food can all be accessed. The long game on this is to expand into a chain, that has members and becomes a popular brand.

Keep you eyes out for the launch of the first part of this project, hopefully you will help us get it going as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, subscribe for updates and helpful info. Please comment, share and keep me accountable.

Love, health and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Master Key Master Mind Alliance 2015 is almost here!

The launch for the 2015 Master Key Mastermind Alliance Class is almost here! You can only do this class via a scholarship paid for by the 2014 class and spots are limited.  Last year it was only a few days before they were all gone and I am very glad I got in early to secure mine.

This is personal development as it needs to be, self directed, long term, step by step and with trained guides to give you hands on support every step of the way.

Become the hero of your own journey, discover your purpose, learn what is required to see your purpose unfold and start applying those new skills daily (with the hands on support of your own guide).

Put your contact details in the form below and I will get you the links you can use to learn more and apply for a scholarship.

What I loved about exploring the MKMMA process was nobody tried to pressure me or up sell me to other material or options.  Upfront the only cost to apply is $1 and then you learn what it is about and what you will be expected to complete as a participant.

So don’t um and arr about it.  I am recommending this as a  positive personal development experience that I have had and I was so glad I got my application in on time and didn’t miss my scholarship.

There is nothing like this out there, delivered with so much care, passion and support.  If you have ever wanted to bust through your barriers and succeed at your purpose, then this is a great starting point.  If you do diddle daddle over the decision to look into it you will be in the 2016 class, because this will fill up.

Feel free to contact me directly at andrewmkmma@gmail.com with any questions you have about the class and my experience.

Here is a great interview with Richard Bliss Brooke and Mark J on the Master Key Experience and how the information within it have changed lives.


It has certainly changed mine!!


That Week 24 – The most comprehensive personal success class

G’Day Everyone

Just realised that I hadn’t let you in on the final (formal) week of our Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience.

Firstly the efforts and resources tipped into this process by the organisers needs to be acknowledged.  This has to be the best value for input personal success and happiness training available anywhere in the world.  So many times I have been excited throughout my adult life about various personal development opportunities, only to get to the final part of it’s marketing to find an enormous financial commitment required; usually accompanied by some sort of urgent make a decision now or miss out clause.  I am sure many of you have seen this and like me backed off.

I suppose worse still for the many who must fork out the cash to participate and come away with a ‘jazzed up feeling’ that only lasts a few days and then they feel worse than they did before the course about their future.

The MKMMA process is incredibly affordable and there is no financial commitment that needs to be met prior to checking out the process and getting an experience from it.  Unheard of in the world of personal development or any kind of success training.  Once you get into the amount of valuable stuff shared and guided through, you can’t help but sit back and be grateful to have found this.

In September 2015 the class will open again for many more participants, keep your eyes open for the date and the links to have a look. The way things are shaping up you will have to live under a rock somewhere not to hear about this next class.

If you are serious about success training, creating the mindset to create a bright future for you and your loved ones, willing to learn and put into place the activities required to install new ‘normal’ thoughts and responses to life; then get prepared to share the most thought provoking and powerful principles within this masterminding process.

Here is a video from the 2014 lead up to give you an idea

To sum up the process:

You will be exposed to just about every possible way to install your definite major purpose (the foundation of happiness and success) into everyday life, in such a way that you can’t help but take responsibility for your own outcomes.  Outcomes that you plan, visualise and create; rather than just coasting through life making sure some thinking person’s dream comes true, while living a mediocre life of quite desperation.  I know that might sound dramatic, however unless you take the reins and live your life for you to enjoy success (whatever that might mean to you) what will you end up providing your future self.

You will be provided with science, stories and hands on guidance to re-enforce the principles as valid and doable for you.  However the strongest value I found here is, that nobody is telling you how to think about anything.  You are being coached on how to think, learn and create as an independent mind owner, not someone turning to an outside guru for assistance.

You are the Guru, it is you as an extension of creative energy itself, that will be learning how to best utilise and develop your ‘world within’ to live an extraordinary life.

Is this easy, nope!

Is there lots of activities and mental work to perform, yep!

Will it cause some internal conflict and stress, most likely!

Will you have access to everything anyone needs to succeed in whatever field of life meets their personal pivotal needs, absolutely!

You will have stepping stones to follow to your own success!

stepping stones

I have had my feathers totally ruffled by this process, I am uncomfortable with the concept of not following through on my business and personal dreams.  Can’t consider not developing the skills required and following through with the activities required to succeed.  Every time I think something is too hard or outside of my scope to achieve in the time frame I desire, my new mindset kicks in and kicks me in the butt.

Haven’t you always wanted that sort of drive and resolve in your life?  Remember September 2015 is the next opportunity to access the info and the tools, right now is the next time to consider what you want from life and how you can THINK in a way to achieve it.

In the Spirit of Happiness Wellness and Prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Newcastle Australia


Week 23 – Network Marketing Success Formula from 1912!!

So what does Network Marketing Success got to do with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance process that I have been undertaking since last September?

Well I love the concept of the Network Marketing Business Model, I have had the opportunity to be a part of this model since 1992 and although it is a very good option with the product, timing, company and compensation point of view all in place; I have not exactly shined.

I haven’t jumped to other companies, because I have always know I would only be taking my ‘lack of shine with me’. There is absolutely no reason I can’t experience the level of success I desire right where I am, while helping thousands of households to live happier, healthier more prosperous live as a direct outcome.

So I know the business is sound and realised that what I needed was some skills to develop and then teach my team as it grows.  I have seen so much stuff over the years from ‘experts’ and even had one of them as a leader for a while, who showed me lots of great reasons to continue, but was light on regards to the skills required.  He was a business building machine, which was a little intimidating if nothing else, apart from a spectacle to observe.  So my belief in the business grows, however even though I didn’t have a problem approaching possible team members and they were often joining in at some level, getting momentum was not easy.  I knew I needed a simple skill set that made the process effective and was easy to teach.

That search lead me to the ‘world’s laziest networker’, not that I’m lazy and as I have found out neither is Mark Januszewski.  He was promoting his go90grow training and I was immediately taken in by the integrity and serviced focused approach he was promoting.

This grabbed me because one of the aspects of sales organisation building that has always turned me off is the ‘techniques’ in the skills taught by experts.  Intrinsically they were mainly built on telling little lies about all sorts of little things to influence the prospect to make a decision.  It made my skin crawl to consider doing this.  So the go90grow process was a great fit for me in my business development.

The timing was perfect because I also stumbled on a link for the MKMMA course for 2014-15, also a programme established by Mark and his wife Daven (plus an amazing team in the background).

As I arrive at the pointy end of the process after nearly six months I fully understand why Mark and Davene had experienced such  success in network marketing, it was the principles they lived and worked by, the visions they held for their future and the service they provided.

So publicly, I thank the MKMMA team, the staff, hands on guide Carol and the whole class for helping me get to such a powerful point of resolve to master life, business and myself using these age old principles.

So what is the ‘Success Formula’?

From lesson 23

1. The money consciousness is an attitude of mind; it is the open door to the arteries of commerce. It is the receptive attitude. Desire is the attractive force which sets the current in motion and fear is the great obstacle by which the current is stopped or completely reversed, turned away from us.

3. We make money by making friends, and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them, by helping them, by being of service to them. The first law of success then is service, and this in turn is built on integrity and justice.

5. You can make a money magnet of yourself, but to do so you must first consider how you can make money for other people. If you have the necessary insight to perceive and utilize opportunities and favorable conditions and recognize values, you can put yourself in position to take advantage of them, but your greatest success will come as you are enabled to assist others. 

There are two new things this week to incorporate;

The Law of Least Effort, which is contained in Deepak Chopra’s ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’.  This is a great resource on genuine attitude of success where abundance in life comes to you effortlessly. It is a small book with spiritual punch!

Applying the Law of Least Effort means living each day with:

1. Acceptance – The universe is exactly where it is meant to be right now, to fight this I am fighting the whole universe.

2. Responsibility – no blame, I must take full responsibility that now is mine, I built it.  If there are challenges, what opportunity exists to build for the greater good from here.

3. Defenselessness – No longer do I need to defend my position as this is just my ego in fear. I maintain an open mind and no solid position that can’t be flexible or examined.

I recommend you explore further this Law and the other six in some detail a few times.

One of Chopra’s approaches in this book highlights the power of the ‘gap’, the silence between thoughts and goes on to encourage the reader to meditate once or twice a day.  Further to that he recommends longer periods of silence.

One of the progressions now in MKMMA, is to explore this silence in a meaningful way.  Simply being in silence, not reading, not engaged in media sources or entertainment.  Two hours here or there periodically and planning to retreat for an extended period of a few days.  Where the mind will give up, the internal dialogue will cease and we can connect with the infinite universal mind.  How exciting and challenging.

So the next challenge is to do this and experience silence regularly for the remainder of my life.

Today I had a Facebook post pop up from a local musician, please watch the video included and send it viral around the world.  Move over Wil Pharrel! Those in the MKMMA class or 2014 will probably get the same ‘goosies’ I did.

In the Spirit of Happiness, Wellness and Prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Week 22 – What are you harvesting?


From the intro to this lesson.

“In Part Twenty-two you will find that thoughts are spiritual seeds, which, when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow, but unfortunately the fruit is frequently not to our liking.”



This I believe a summary of every lesson in Haanel’s work, the world within is our garden of life creation.

It is a fertile plot of soil that will, like every garden bed follow the laws of nature; what you plant will grow.  Plant for rich red tomatoes and miraculously without any resistance, fear or doubt tomato plants sprout.  Our intent was to grow them, we expected them, we weren’t surprised when the plants appeared.

If we plant negative thought vibrations into the garden bed of our subconscious mind and expect a rich beautiful life experiences to sprout …. is it any wonder so many folk are disappointment harvesters.

Unfortunately the vast majority of them have no clue that they have some responsibility for what they harvest as the sower of the initial seeds and the ongoing fertilising of the soil.  Because of this fact the same people then go on to repeat the entire process to create a larger harvest next time round; by focusing all their attention, thoughts and conversations onto the negative outcomes they are experiencing.  We know these people, have been these people and maybe still have a tendency to be that person.

By utilising the seven laws of the mind, we can change our thoughts, our feelings and henceforth our outcomes.  Starting a new practice of choosing what makes it to our subconcious mind (remembering what we let in becomes a demand to manifest) and using visualisation, positive thought substitution, silence and forgiveness as the path to healing; we can then create a new and amazing result in our health.

Apart from the metaphysical implications, worry, stress, anger, sadness (and any thought pattern not clearly positive) causes a physiological response with the release of stress flight or flight hormones from the adrenal glands.  This instantly turns the whole body into a reactive one rather than a positive responsive one.

Our immune system is suppressed, our circulation decreased, digestion virtually ceases and our sensory input to the brain goes through the roof.  This is fine for five minutes every now and then, but all day every day?  One doesn’t have to be a highly qualified professor of medical science to work out that the long term effect on health will be catastrophic.

The great news is …… we can turn all that detrimental natural response off with some silent relaxation, positive outlook and a practice of visualisation that clearly demonstrates the outcome we desire.  Here is a great example of this power to create health where none was ever expected.  Watch and enjoy!!

In the Spirit of Happiness, Wellbeing and Prosperity

Andrew Fenwick


Week 21 – The Five Guards to Personal Prisons


Just a short catch up today, however a point we need to take stock of if we wish to activate our potential.

The Prison? Our comfort zone.

The Guards? The five emotional states we use to stay inside the comfort zone; Fear, Hurt Feelings, Anger, Guilt and Unworthiness

I know when I examined this short list of prison guard names, I realised how I have and do still comply with their directions; as well as being able to see it happening all around us.

The tools of well meaning parents, teachers and peers, trying to keep us safe or heading down the path they thought was right.  However as we were recently informed, no one gave us permission to self parent at age 18; so we keep running these programmes.

I know I have fear.  What about doesn’t make sense though; as success is a good outcome. Do I fear failing at my attempts and being judged on my failure and not my good work?

I know I have had my feelings hurt.  But why should I be projecting the risk of it happening in the future; making it scary.

I know I don’t really get angry. However I do get concerned about other people misjudging me and becoming angry towards me; applying the brakes to my next bold move.

I know I get guilty at times.  Using it to procrastinate and spend time pleasing others.

I know I feel unworthy at times.  However many time I am reminded by my self affirming or the compliments of others; I still don’t see myself easily as the guy I desire becoming.

The good thing is I am learning more and applying more energy to leveraging off the energies of my guards to make more positive energy of my own.  What do you do to use negative perceptions and emotions as powerful freedom tools?

I am busting outta here!!




Week 20 – Taking the Will Away

G’day from the summer in Australia

The power to change, to take something and make it your own is something we do all the time.  See an outfit that you like on someone and be inspired to create a similar look; isn’t that how fashion trends take hold.

One of the powerful progressions in this Master Keys Mastermind Alliance is the alteration of someone else’s work to make it more powerful and present day.  Og Mandino’s ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ isn’t a sales manual, it is a life and relationships guide to success in all areas of life.  However it is loaded with future tense, with the liberal use of the word ‘will’. I will do this and I will be that.

Each section or scroll is repeatedly read each day for 30 days, with the MKMMA twist being the removal of all the ‘will’ from the text after 14 days and even the substitution of more present tones.  Personally I have removed whole paragraphs that I felt were focused too much on a negative as well. The power of the ‘Law of Substitution’ being demonstrated in a practical way; we can change things to serve us better, including our thoughts about anything.

This week we added extra questions to prompt our thoughts to answer powerfully in our favour.  “what am I pretending not to know?” and “what would the person I intend to become do now?”  The theme of the scroll, I live this day as if it were my last, promotes some serious thinking about how we whittle away time and achieve so very little at times; the additional questions give power to activity now, not later on.

My fave passage; ‘I avoid with fury the killers of time. Procrastination I destroy with action; doubt I bury with faith; fear I dismember with confidence (&EFT).  Where there are idle mouths I listen not; where there are idle hands, I linger not; where there are idle bodies I visit not.’

We become the average of the people we associate with and if you want the fruits of a successful life this passage is a strong guide to where to position ourselves. Among active, confident and positive people.  Those who display the traits you admire; ones you can take and make your own.

The personality ‘makeover’ based on an exercise developed by Ben Franklin is running parallel to our reading; however it has been adjusted to seek out a list of positive attributes we desire in others. This is done with the pretext of, if we can see something in others we must have it within ourselves.  Each aspect focused on and recorded for a week, then moving on.  Once again an opportunity to notice something in the world around us that we can observe, admire and own.

So can you take the ‘I will’ out of life and replace it with ‘I did’ and ‘I am’ .  The will I love now is the one that sets off a desire in my subconscious to create great things in life.

I can be what I will to be!

In the spirit of happiness, wellbeing and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Week 19 – The journey from black to white

G’Day the world at large, hope this adds value to your day.

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance isn’t just a course you take or a weekend seminar that works you into a lather of enthusiasm that lasts until your subconscious kicks in and kicks all the new stuff out; it is a community working in harmony, with accountability and guidance.  A process of new practices and education that allows you to discover ‘you’ and support the path you choose to enjoy your passion and bliss.

The regular blogs that are flooding the web are a testimony to the experience hundreds of people have had through this process.

Each week we engage in the writing of Charles Haanel, Og Mandino and of course ourselves.  Constant exposure to our own definite major purpose, our achievements, our gratitudes, our nice moments and powerful affirmations keeps our thoughts on track; like a trip to the gym to strengthen muscle, we build positive thinking.  This is a six month transformation process that you control with hands on assistance and community spirit.

I like the lesson from Haanel for week 19.  Oh I suppose you might want to know why.

Apart from reinforcing the concept that has been shared in a few lessons already; that for every effect we see, positive or negative there is a cause from thought.  We can deconstruct with our imagination and visualisation the process of thought, our own and those of other players that leads to an outcome in the material outer world.

Predominately positive thinking and visualisation brings good effects and in contrast the other type of thinking brings the opposite outcome in our lives.  We bear witness to this process everyday in the people we interact with the one’s with ‘stinking thinking’ (Zig Ziglar) that is freely shared have a life that reflects this is exact proportion.

It is the contrast this week that interests me; the one thing not mentioned in the text is Yin Yang.  Everything has balance and everything contains a bit of the opposing aspect.  For example the average stinking thinker does have some positive moments and thoughts, what we consider a dark room actually has some light.

The principle of everything being a part of a continuum of possible effect is helpful for everyone to consider when judging the situation they find themselves in.

If everything is meant to be positive (who by design wants to create negativity) and this isn’t the experience being had, then it is the absence of the positive that makes it appear negative, not necessarily the abundance of negative.

A dark room is instantly transformed with the tiniest introduction of light, a crack in the curtains letting in the pre dawn light changes the whole view we see, colour and detail almost instantly.

In that light, evil is the absence of sufficient good, negative thinking the absence of sufficient positive and dissatisfaction the absence of gratitude; the list could fill the page, I am sure you get the gist.

Haanel gives us the message that we can get to the cause held in our thinking and take control of our outcomes.

In the spirit of happiness , wellbeing and prospesity





Week 18 – Meeting Gemma

In week 18 we traveled to South Australia to meet our first Grandchild, Gemma Dorathy.

It is a great celebration of the nature of the ‘Law of Attraction’ via burning desire, persistence and continuous action.  You see my son and his wife weren’t having an easy time of falling pregnant, seven years of trying; which included the last two of actually setting up the best possible situation for conception.

You see, they took the matter into their own hands by restoring their health, getting fit and focusing on the mental process of being positive about what they were embarking on.  Although there was a level of medical activity undertaken, it was clear to us the most significant difference made was in the energy and feelings being invested by Jacob and Stacey.  Between them they shed around 50kg by changing their lifestyle choices and adding fitness; they decided to bring the best cards to the table, rather than being hard done by and leaving it to the doctors to resolve.  We as a family were so proud to watch the transformation and were looking forward to a positive outcome.

Well didn’t we get what we were putting out there for this new family unit.  Improved health delivered fast changes and a very healthy pregnancy, culminating in the arrival of what would be, without grandfatherly bias the most gorgeous little blossom of a little girl I have ever met.









Subsequently, my MKMMA compliance was a little disrupted by a week of traveling and visiting, baby gazing and proud fathering.  None the less where opportunity arose the books came out and the cards were flashed.

One of the highlights was the start of the ‘Scrolled Marked V’ in our Og Mandino reads. Yet the significance of the scroll IV was not lost as I gazed once more at another of nature’s greatest miracles, Gemma.  However if I was to succeed in creating the legacy I have a burning desire to create I needed to remind myself that I was bought here with a purpose, unique to me, as natures unique and greatest miracle.

So as I opened up (with some excitement) scroll V, it was time to chose and transpose a phrase from IV to the heading of V, so I can repeat it out loud with each read; bringing a little of the previous message to the new scroll.  “I apply all  my efforts to becoming the highest mountain of all and I strain my potential until it cries for mercy”.  Although there were so many lovely phrases about my uniqueness and the miracle that I am (1:400 trillion chance of it happening); this passage is so demanding of me to succeed.  Something I really need at this point.

Scroll V launches me forward with the theme of ‘I live this day as if it were my last’. Although this concept could be contrived to be a bit negative, if we just think about the potential of it to provide the motivation and permission to succeed it is very powerful. I am enjoying this scroll, yet finding the pressure to live it much harder then previous scrolls.

The passage that grabbed me straight off .. “Henceforth I know that to court idleness is to steal food, clothing and warmth from those i love.  I am not a thief. I am a man of love and today is my last chance to prove my love and my greatness”.   I know I am not planning to drop off the mortal toil tomorrow, I must acknowledge that I might one day fall short of my burning desire being manifested because I spent time procrastinating or spending time with idle people; if that is what I choose to do with my last day each day.

Here is a college commencement speech by Steve Jobs (not an applephile, however no one can deny his place in the hierarchy of creative genius)

Treat this day as if it were your last, finish strong!

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity




Week 17a – The Hero’s Journey, our turn to answer the herald’s call

G’day all, hope you northern hemisphere folk are enjoying the brisker weather and warm fires etc.  Those hanging in Hawaii, you know who you are, just keep hangin’.

Just a short catch up on the Master Key Mastermind Alliance class progression.

This week is a special examination of Joseph Campbell’s work, the monomyth of the Hero’s Journey. Basically he studied thousands of stories that have been popular with audiences and some passed down for thousands of years, to discover they all have a common fabric.

Unlikely hero resists a call, gives in, takes the call to be a reluctant hero, faces adversity, persists and eventually wins.  Saves the day or is victorious where no apparent victory existed.  Sounds too simple a formula to make every story popular and movie successful that follows it, however with a short look at the most popular myth to biggest box office success, there it is.

Campbell’s work apart from exposing a perfect formula for a good story is also a pathway to enlightenment on how to recognise what stage we are at personally and what we are needing to do next.  We all want to be a hero in some way or another, being small doesn’t serve us and certainly doesn’t add value to the world around us.

Accepting we are all here for a purpose and letting go of ‘stinking thinking’ about ourselves and those in our life, instead bathing the whole picture in love, is important to our success.  Equally important is the need to move through the process of becoming our own hero.  A cycle which continues through life (if we allow) and grows our confidence in our ability to go around it again.

Campbell’s work gives us the heads up on what is ‘normal’ for people to experience whilst on the path to herodom and of course the best bit, what comes next.


The essence of being a hero I guess is the step from the comfortable known into the unknown.

Part of the ‘Law of Attraction’ that many struggle with is the letting go of knowing how, when and what will happen on the journey; allowing the law to bring into reality the people and resources required to succeed.

We worry, which in turn pushes our end reward further away.


On the live webcast in the MKMMA class for this week we watched a TedX Talk by Aimee Mullins, who demonstrates how to be a hero and shows how the story can just unfold and get better and better.  Here it is for you.

The message this edition; develop a burning desire based purpose, make it the focus of your life, leave negative thoughts behind instead choosing a positve story.  Then persist and let it unfold.

In the spirit of heroes, happiness, wellbeing and prosperity


P.S. I also realised during the examination of this weeks material, that I am a hero and have demonstrated over and over the willingness to take the call on all but a few occasions.  Right now I find myself at the edge of the next step into unknown territory, the leadership of my own Network Marketing team.  Even though I know the business, the company, the products and am equipping myself with the skills required … what gives, hey.

It is about letting go, not allowing myself to have an excuse to be small, to go forward and grab hold of my purpose, to become the highest mountain. To serve and help others to succeed to whatever level they are wishing to rise to.