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Welcome to my blog page.

You will notice that there is content is focused on the MasterKey Master Mind Alliance class of 2015.  Read through the past blogs under the Master Key tab to get an idea of this personal development process and my journey. It really is a growth intensive, lots of support and constant forward movement. The class runs each year and only cost $1 to get on the scholarship list.  Your class is paid for by last year’s participants paying it forward.


My background is in natural health and coaching people to enjoy life.  Based in Newcastle NSW Australia, I have been able to succeed in many aspects of life and business, now after a period of change the adventure into the next 40+ years begins.

Creating a community group centred around the principles of happiness, wellbeing and prosperity.

Over time this blog sit will reflect more of the work and information behind the coaching we do; providing a free resource portal and link to events.

A few years ago I published a book, “Better Choices for a Better Me” which outlines the basic foundation ideas and practices that will accelerate physical healing, help provide the body with the requirements to unleash it’s regenerative potential.  With the book comes a 6 part online course to help keep readers on track and provide additional detail to some key points (the course is under construction). You can visit here if you would like a copy of the book and to receive a regular ‘Better Choices’ eZine update you can subscribe here.

We are also engaging in a meaningful way in creating a very special and successful Network Marketing team with Sunrider International.  My wife, Georgie and I have been fans of the product line and have used / recommended them as part of client support for 20 years.

With such an effective and unique product line, solid financial performance as a company and a long history (est 1982) of providing good results in health and business to participants; it made sense to us to embrace the potential for our success also.  More about that as the blog develops.

What is this Master Key Master Mind Alliance or MKMMA part about?  While looking for skills to ensure our NWM success I stumbled onto Mark J the world’s laziest networker’s blog.  This guy was giving away training that was very appealing because of the integrity of his approach to introducing this business model to new people.  In the past I had struggled to follow the methods suggested from various sources because I was not comfortable with the words used or intent of some sales methods employed by ‘gurus’.

As it turned out Mark and his wife Davene run the MKMMA; with a new class opening in September 2014.  Although based around the 1912 work of Charles Haanel, this class employs all the life changing thought techniques and scientifically proven methods to turn your thoughts into the creative and positive assets you deserve them to be.

Although I have touched on much of the material before and even coached others in the past on some of the principles, to have it all combined, made accountable and to receive ongoing hands on support from my certified MKMMA guide makes this course stand out.  I can’t think of another time in my life where I have maintained this level of focused thought on achieving my big picture purpose.



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