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Week 13 & 14 — Over the Break Something Broke

G’Day and an absolutely fabulously amazing 2015 to you.

The Master Keys Master Mind Alliance team set us some exercises and sent us off on the holiday break with a clear idea of the progressions to be made over the final 3 months of the course.

To tell the truth I was at this point feeling more than a little overloaded with ‘stuff’ and was concerned about how I would not just catch up but get ahead of my load.

We were really lucky again this year to be attending a fantastic music festival in the hinterland above the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  We traveled out on the 25th of December and arrived home on the the 4th of January, with the Woodford Festival our home for seven days.

I equipped myself with books, flash cards and a variety of loose papers (Blue print builder, DMP, press release, seven laws of the mind, mini movie poster) and a laptop with a view of incorporating a strong daily activity with a disconnect from the outside world at the festival.

Well I wasn’t that successful, however did read each day and managed some nice silence as well.  What I did find was all the melody around me had me singing affirmations all day; I can be what I will to be, do it now and I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy, all coming together in a nice little ditty.  I did feel that I could have done better MKMMA wise however I felt I broke through a point of resistance and the desire to persist not only with the class but the pursuit of my Definite Major Purpose has become stronger then at the start point.

I can not only imagine the outcome of that but am now feeling it is the only outcome I am willing to accept. think

Each morning was enhanced with a re enforcement of master key principles and positive thinking with a workshop by Dr Happy, where he stepped through actions we can take to be happier, all aligned with the principles of correct thinking of course. It was a another reminder point to identify each day a few things that we can be grateful for as a way of being happier with our current place in life.

Haanel in 13 touches on happiness and it’s power as a thought form, however he also reminds us that years of work can be swept away when negative thoughts like fear become our predominant mental attitude. Happiness and the keys to happiness are found in the pursuit of health, strength, good friends, pleasant environments, sufficient supply (wealth) to not only cover our basics but to offer us surplus.  Although coming to the end of this scroll with Og Mandino, it is in the persistence that we succeed: continuing the correct activity until we reach our desired point.

Haanel’s work in 14 is one of the most important in the series so far to me.  Everything is created by thought and it’s effects on the universal via the connection of the subconscious.   This concept has been explored before in his work, however the emphasis has changed in this week and the importance of our use of thought correctly.  From 14-4 “we get results in exact accordance with our understanding of the law and our ability to to make proper application.”

Isn’t this true of every activity we wish to succeed in, yet the vast majority “most people” they go through life with absolutely no deliberate attempt to access, understand and apply knowledge about getting what they want out of that life.  Behind every effect in their life there is a cause and that cause can be traced back every time to a thought; by them or someone else.

Doesn’t it make perfect sense to be the thinker that is unfolding your life the way you design it than to be at the mercy of incorrect thinking or maybe worse the powerful thoughts and designs of another.

So I am in the process of not just knowing but doing, actively accessing my creative mind to unfold my DMP for the next five years.  You might say that is very short term thinking, however with that in place and the journey to getting there experienced, I will have a better view of the next 40+ years and how to serve others even better.


Og reveals in the next scroll that we are nature’s greatest miracle, unique and one of a kind, with unlimited potential.

That thousands of years of evolution has equipped us better than our predecessors.

Two passages particularly grabbed my attention: “Within me burns a flame which has been passed from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am, and I fan this flame of dissatisfaction and proclaim my uniqueness to the world.”

That actually explains a lot about my past decisions and being here in the MKMMA.

“I am not put on this earth by chance, I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain: henceforth I will apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.

I am nature’s greatest miracle

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick


Week 11 – Persistence with induction thrown in.

G’Day all …. bit late again … however here and ruminating over the things that have become apparent.  More on that at the end.

Firstly though I would like to explore the Master Key lesson for week 11 a little.

This is the first week that I really struggled to get into what Haanel was trying to impart on me.  There was the familiar theme which i’d imagine by now all participants have totally absorbed into their subconscious mind.  The world within (our thought and emotions) is the cause and the world without is the consequence of our persistent ‘world within’.

However the language, subject matter and the structure created the need to read very slowly and carefully, looking for the core point he was attempting to deliver.

Induction or inductive thinking as a term was new to me in this context, having an electrical trade background it means a totally different thing; involving magnetic fields and creating currents. The induction Haanel speaks of is the exploration of what is, comparing the components involved and using logical thinking to come to a general conclusion as to the root causes and commonality.  For humanity this can be seen in the move from superstition and no understanding of ‘why’ to piecing together the world around them, gaining an understanding of the laws that govern their daily experiences and opened the path for progress.

11:14 “However distant that land may appear, induction has taught men to make
strides toward it and has surrounded him with benefits which are, at the same time,
rewards for past fidelity and incentives for more assiduous devotion.”

For us I guess this can be looking at how things have turned out so far, using inductive thought and our growing understanding of the laws to see the contributing components of persistent thoughts, emotions and choices we have made in a logical fashion.  Once determined we can, once again, using our growing understanding deliberately piece together a ‘law abiding’ way of thinking, seeing and applying action to create whatever we hold in our thoughts as already existing for us.  In escrow waiting to unfold as we ready the pathway for each aspect to manifest itself physically.

Once again the persistence and focus is the theme of creating what we desire.

The feeling part of our thinking has been emphasised by the MKMMA team as a way of transferring our thoughts into outcomes; to feel the elation of having whatever you desire already, having faith that it is waiting for us and all the required resources will become apparent as required at a rate directly related to how much we allow and let go of the process of ‘how’ to attain them.

Haanel adds in 11:18-19 “18. We are first to believe that our desire has already been fulfilled, its
accomplishment will then follow. This is a concise direction for making use of the
creative power of thought by impressing on the Universal subjective mind, the
particular thing which we desire as an already existing fact.
19. We are thus thinking on the plane of the absolute and eliminating all
consideration of conditions or limitation and are planting a seed which, if left
undisturbed, will finally germinate into external fruition.”


Of course we need to, like any farmer knows maintain the optimum conditions for this to happen, fertilising our mind with correct thoughts and persisting with the application of correct actions.  If we get impatient or change our focus to other thoughts and actions we slow and interfere with the manifestation unfoldment.

So it is up to us to create through our persistent application of our new found knowledge, using inductive reasoning to examine outcomes in an unemotional logical way for proof of laws and lessons on their use to obtain rewards for past fidelity (faithfullness to obligations) and incentives for more assiduous (diligent, perservering, industrious) devotion.

Now for a quick review of my rumination.  My struggles to keep pace with the variety of tasks or components in the programme and keeping positive about the shortfall at times. I know I am one of 300+ participants and I do not want to join the 100+ that have been invited back next year to try again.  There were big payoffs emotionally this week in being reminded of the persistence I have demonstrated and the achievements made in these first eleven weeks.

I have completed so many tasks that have been procrastinated on for long periods, lightening the load on the future self considerably.  My focus on where my future self will be has never been higher and clarity on the actions required also filled with faith.

Yet there is a time to do it all aspect that keeps popping up.  There is the making sure I make time for wife and family, there is the need to stay focused in a safety critical role in the ‘job’, while ensuring I keep connected with my growing network marketing team.

persist3The great thing is that the internal pressure to do so remains higher then ever in my life as a result of this class and the confidence that I can do it all successfully likewise high.  The old blueprint, the concrete on my golden Buddha and the hero in my journey are all in flux, changing their status and influences.  All down to persisting where I can with what I resonate most with in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course.  I must stay the course and get the most value out of it possible, as I can feel the life altering enhancing value of each aspect as it is uncovered.

Wishing you all a great week!

In the spirit of happiness, wellbeing and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick




Week Ten!!- Natural Law, glide with it or work against it; Choice

Gday All !! Happy Monday I think 🙂 (note: I now know it is Aussie Tuesday 🙂 )

For those who have been following the progress so far with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance experience I am enjoying at present (wow 10 weeks) you might have noticed comments about the lifestyle I lead work wise.  I really didn’t have a clue what day it was today.  Sorry for being late guys, however thrilled to get here.

The Haanel work this past week has been very good at re enforcing the concepts of the natural laws of the universe that we operate within and our role in getting the best from them.  We must always operate with the clear knowledge that they are operating at all times and that we are creating at all times.  The Law of Growth and the Law of Attraction are pretty much hand in hand at all times.

10:18 “… everything that has life is constantly attracting to itself the conditions and the supply which is necessary for it’s most complete expression”

This is easily seen in the amazing way nature exploits all the energy and resources it needs to create life, it never holds back or decides in advance as to whether there will be enough of whatever to grow something; it just does it now!  The seed of a plant has the plan, the intention and the necessary knowledge to do it’s stuff.

Our thoughts, ideas and predominant emotional states are seeds!!  They all have access to the resources required to come into being.  This work we are doing is about germinating the seeds of only the crop we wish to harvest; choosing our thoughts, intentions and emotional state so as to manifest our definite purpose.  Application of this knowledge to create deliberately rather than float along with the majority of folk who are complaining about having no power over their future life.  Blaming and making excuses for the lack in their life. Og’s description of sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse of failure is so apparent in our society today, however no more than at anytime in history.

Those with the knowledge we are developing have always influenced the outcomes of the masses; who are you wanting to be now, the sheep or the lion?

With our knowledge and the application of right thinking and feeling we are taking the power into our own hands, to create the future we desire.  Allowing the universal powers to unfold ahead of us in direct correlation to our definite purpose.

I don’t know how others went with the ‘cone’ but at first I found this a challenging visualisation exercise, then it clicked and popped in to vision and changed colours as desired.  Didn’t do this consistently though.

Og Mandino had us loving everyone including ourselves as a powerful success tool; how can it not be when “who is there that will say nay to my goods when his heart feels my love” . This is the passage I have chosen to carry forth into the next scroll.

Our end of week 10 webinar highlighted the value of persistence in success at any endeavour; uncovering though that it is more than just not quitting.  Persistence is staying the course, doing the correct actions and thinking correct thoughts consistently until you succeed.  Not quitting can mean sitting in your own crap longer than you need to, a bad marriage, a bad business, a bad job because you are fearful of taking the next steps; totally different stuff.


I did struggle a bit with the opening passages in the scroll 3, about the grading of bulls for fighting.  The persistent bull being graded high and going into battle for show at a later date; the logical me saw the non aggressive bull as the winner as he probably ends his life much more peacefully.  However keeping in mind the message of persistence and the era of the writing I have let that go and focus on the message with each read.

“I will persist until I succeed”

In the spirit of happiness, wellbeing and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick



Week 8 – Re-adjusting and The Mental Diet

G’Day and Happy Friday!

From Emmet Fox Essay The Mental Diet 1935

Emmet Fox wants me to be very clear about this. if I change my mind my
conditions must change too. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds.
So now I will see that my mental diet is really the most important thing in my
whole life.

From Charles Haanel Master Key System 8-18/19 1912

18. The law of attraction will certainly and unerringly bring to you the conditions,
environment, and experiences in life, corresponding with your habitual,
characteristic, predominant mental attitude. Not what you think once in a while
when you are in church, or have just read a good book, BUT your predominant
mental attitude is what counts.
19. You can not entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and
expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by ten minutes
of strong, positive, creative thought.

With the world within being the cause of the experience we have it makes sense to be very deliberate in what we say and think each minute of every day.  It makes a lot of sense to make like the reaper and be conscious of what seeds we sow in the fertile soil of our subconscious; as this ultimately becomes the crop of predominant thought patterns each minute of every day.

With the principles fully explained so far regarding the conscious minds role as a gatekeeper to the ‘subbie’ because the ‘subbie’ does not have the capacity to reason or evaluate the information coming into it.  From our own thought, our consistent words used and of course the inputs from our environment.

Our ‘Mental Diet’ exercise this week adds to the no opinion discipline of past weeks and the start of the 7 day mental diet (7 days of no negative thoughts, restarting fresh with any slip to the negative unless caught and substituted within a few seconds); is the cessation of television for a week.

Out of this trio of challenging improvements, having and sharing no opinion has been the most difficult to master; lucky we don’t have a 7 day restart each time on this aspect.

I find as I have expertise in a variety of areas there is often something I wish to share to add value, however to do this is to invite the ego in for a run about as an uninvited guest. It is not my place to judge and decide anyone needs my uninvited opinion on any subject, let alone unsolicited advice as an expert. Stand back!! Listen and learn more about everybody.

The ‘No Negative Thought Diet’ has been much easier, however this only comes as a result of many many years of being more aware and mindful of how I think, realising early in my personal development that optimism and positive thought had far more to offer than pessimism and negativity.  All that said, the first few days had a few restarts included as thoughts slipped past the keeper before caught and substituted for a better choice.

No Television!! Well I thought it would be like that anyhow. In truth I am a little surprised how little I miss sitting with that old mate.  Time shared with the gorgeous Georgie has been more engaged, dinner on the verandah listening to the birds or frogs and cicadas depending how late we have left eating.

So the diet so far;

Form no judgement or opinion unless asked as an expert, allows the forming of a curiosity and increased attention to the details of life.

No negative thinking, requires the predominant thinking to be positive as a result of the duality of our thoughts; always seeking a new positive view of each situation to exclude the negative.

No TV, stops the crap coming in without being able to consciously filter it all out, while of course filling the mind with course content like the reading, the purpose, the plan of actions and service cards, the visualisation and movie posters.  Freeing up time every single day that was previously wasted, to complete promises.

The bike below had become a victim of procrastination and now we are enjoying each others company again.  Better thinking, more time and of course, “I always keep my promises” and “do it now!” ringing in my mind.

A Dusty hulk in garage become the target of a promise

A Dusty hulk in garage become the target of a promise

The re-adjustment, well the old blue print was finding excuses not to compete tasks and to not find time.  This week I pick up the baton of my personal race again and will come to the line a winner in March next year at the completion of this Master Key Master Mind Experience.

In the Spirit of Happiness, Optimum Wellness and Prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Week 7 – Shapes, Colours, Movie Poster, no opinion, linguistics and the start of a ‘Mental Diet’

As the assault on the ‘old blueprint’ continues from all learning styles; its resistance is evident daily.

I’d love to be writing about all the big epiphanies and breakthroughs, to be honest though I must be getting close to the seam of gold.  It feels that way and I know in my whole being that the disciplines and work, the mental labour, are equipping me for an amazing future. The field of diamonds is in my possession yet not feeling the gems are being gathered up.

Understanding the various learning styles are being deployed here to ensure all aspects are covered, coloured shapes may not be a primary tool of association for me.

My focus on my Definite Major Purpose and creating the intent to unfold it all is going well, my confidence and excitement for the future me is high and stable.  The Master Key Master Mind Process and the teams approach is of the highest of value; a unique offering in the personal development arena.

No opinions has opened my eyes to that compulsion to add my bit, even though deep down knowing it wasn’t adding value.  This has almost stopped and is becoming something I intend to continue for life, good grooming of the ego and setting boundaries for him.  Though having done so well, two of our adult children announced their new diet regimes this week which stimulated a cascade of opinion from me that I didn’t recognise until later in the day. Even though I am an expert in the field of health and nutrition, the opinion was not sought and was hardly a gift in retrospect.

The mental diet, seven days straight without a negative thought is a fun challenge, noticing and capturing the train of thought when conscious or having a restart after something slips past and becomes apparent.  No cursing self or others, no negative judgments of self or others.

I have been a pretty mindful person for some years and would be described as a positive optimistic person by friends and family, however this ‘mental diet’ has made me much more conscious of the struggle to project that image or behaviour.  There were initially a couple of days of restarts, frustrations with others and cranky at self moments. The deliberate restart of the seven days as a deterrent perhaps or even a trigger to be more heightened in my mindfulness to arrest the patterns has been very effective.  Today has been free of negative thought!!

I have had to manage around several obstacles this last two weeks, funny work patterns, fatigue and the sleep required to reset it.  Building a NWM business team slowly and putting on public wellness presentations to build some foundations for DMP unfoldment. So I am not in complete harmony with the alliance and a bit behind on some tasks.

On the upside things I have procrastinated over for a long time are getting done, my body is complaining about the exercise it has been exposed to and I am happy and exited about a business I had become complacent with.  All round a successful seven weeks (wow have never suck at a task with this level of focus that long before, I expect I am not the only one).

I can only encourage all those participating to continue and those looking on to get on board in the 2015 class.

This next week is a restart for me, I have days off coming up that are dedicating them to total absorption in MKMMA and go90grow (yes I am doing that too 🙂 )

In the spirit of happiness, health and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick


Week 6 — Damn that old blueprint is well imprinted

G’Day and Happy Thursday / Friday

I would love to say that I am getting through this process unscathed by the wrath of the ‘subbie’, ego or old blue print.

A few gaps formed this week that have placed unexpected internal pressure on me and I am not sure I was my best at this week.

I am still here though and have identified the thoughts and patterns forming, or at least attempting to form.  At no point in my life have I maintained such continuity of action or focused thought, to the achievement of an even longer game plan.  There will be no retardation of my new life’s growth.

The value of the work being done here, the challenges to the old blue print and the focus on writing a new and fabulous story for all who participate; is beyond measuring.

The resistance I have experienced this week is testimony to how ingrained the programming of our environment can become over the course of a lifetime.

If we do not push through the natural nature of the ego protection, we can just resign ourselves to that life of mediocrity and quiet desperation.  Personally I didn’t pursue entry into the Master Key Master Mind Alliance because I was willing to settle into that.

Not only that, I have a strong desire to have the feeling of glee and satisfaction that seeing my dreams expressed into the world without, the thousands of people living happier, healthier and more prosperous lives as a direct result of there association with me and the work I have done.

This will not happen unless I develop the necessary self confidence within to bring to life my Definite Major Purpose.  To do that, I will use that purpose to leverage the power within; through the exercises of the course I can maintain the focus of my sun in the one spot long enough that the outcomes are obvious and irreversible.

To all those in the 2014 class, I believe that if you felt this was the way to where you wanted to go, then go with that intuitive guidance and ignore the niggling calls for the old status quo by the ‘subbie’.

Let’s do it!!

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Week Five – Under the Pump or What!!

G’Day and happy Friday / Saturday

The headline says it all and dare I say it; I am taking on something new, having decided to expand my involvement with the MKMMA team and do go90grow from the next day or so.

It makes sense, but doesn’t make sense …..

The MKMMA will provide the mental foundations that make the go90grow skills really pay off and provide me with footprints in the sand I can follow and pass on, however the current load from MKMMA, Job and homelife are feeling a little crazy.

Can I do this, well, I can be what I will to be and I can do it now

Read my “press release” (quotie things) to see why it is important to stay the course and not retard my new life’s growth.

There has never been a time in my life when there has been so much continuous focus on achieving my purposeful deliberate success. Even with that I am not getting it all incorporated into life as I would desire it; thinking it will be great in the future to be able to go through this again and not have a demanding worklife getting in the way.

Not that I desire any unemployment to be gifted me by a well meaning universal creativity, more that the success which is mine as a direct result of this work is to allow me to chose how my time will be best spent.

I will catch up on some more activity tomorrow and jump into life with the gusto I deserve.

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Week Four – Time to Quit!

Time to Quit!

Wait a minute … only 4 weeks in and I am tossing in the towel. Hell no, I am quitting any resistance I have to the concepts and new blue print building activities being asked of me.

G’Day and happy Aussie Friday

Wow week 4 you have been serving it up.  Had to watch the replay of the webinar just to get it straight and to drop the overwhelming sensation of ‘it’s all building up’ ‘how can I keep up’.

As I have mentioned I do not live a monday to friday 9-5 lifestyle, more like working all over the shop, 24/7 changing everyday and each week 52 weeks a year.  It is actually not possible to follow the model of the class to the letter. However what I can and will do is make ‘a fit’ that allows me to acheive all that is required to not only stay within my obligations but empowers me to achieve the spirit of the excercise fully.  I did it now and I did it my way!

Don’t be mistaken, I am following this class curriculum to the letter and am surprising myself how my past procrastination has been missing.. There is a drive to succeed and I am taking more action in the last few weeks to secure that then at any other time in my life.  This S#*#t works!

What I am choosing to do though is to embrace the life I lead right now, be gratefull for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance scholarship coming my way at this time and blend the two together 100% as best I can.  I know that there are so many people who are flying blind, living out someone else’s plan for them and bumping aimlessly from one challenge to the next.

I am quitting that life for good!!

I am quitting accepting failure as par for the course

I am quitting worrying about what other people are doing or thinking

I am quitting seeing my dharma as just a pipe dream and have started making it my destiny.

I am quitting the need to know all the details and have started to allow my world within to connect to that universal source for decisions.

I am quitting fear and it’s blanketing affect on the sun of my great ideas.

I can be what I will to be, and I can do it now!

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick


Week Three – MKMMA is becoming life as I know it

G’day and Happy Saturday / Sunday

Week three has rushed to a close.  Where week one and two I seemed to pushed to fit everything in; more mentally than actually.

This last week has been a full one, with another tweak of the definite major purpose (DMP) to include my personal pivotal needs and more emotional charge, a summary or movie trailer of DMP and a combined book / business launch event to bring together.

Yet there was such an internal push to ensure all MKMMA obligations were completed to the best of my ability.

Yes this does imply it wasn’t a perfect application of tasks, however not for a lack of sticking what I can into whatever gaps appear.  Not working a regular job, as I have a role in the rail industry that involves staggered rostering on a 24/7 basis.  There have been interruptions from being there or being in bed to recover for the next turn of duty. So it has been challenging to shuffle this all together.

It is very interesting how the readings change each time now, i used to believe my comprehension skills were pretty good; however when new meanings and phrases suddenly popping up as powerful, proves that every good read deserves a couple of reads at least.

I have always known that meditation is of great benefit and would when under the pump ‘sit’ and disengage for a while.  For the first time in my life meditating for 15-20 mins each day or as Haanel describes it, sitting, is something I will be continuing as the end of day and sleep has obviously improved. If we include the known science around the health benefits in our decisions, it is actually a no brainer to keep it up.

I now this whole process has added value to my launch event this week, able to clearly think and organise all that was needed to be done.  More significantly I attracted so much help to set up and pack up, to help organise guests and make sure everything came off in the most professional manner. Thankyou Thankyou!!

To all my fellow MKMMA students, lets stay in harmony and choose to go at it 100% so we can extract the greatest benefits from the experience and generosity of our teachers.

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Andrew Fenwick opening launch evet

Andrew Fenwick opening launch evet


Week Two – I Promise

G’Day and Happy Saturday

Week two of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Programme is nearly completed and the internal pressure of a promise is showing itself to be a powerful tool.

Let’s start with the ‘chore card’. I have had the back end of a motorbike pulled apart for a long long time, nothing serious, just for painting wheels and rear frame.

The poor stead found itself tucked away in a spot getting surrounded by ‘stuff’ and covered in dust.  Meanwhile I ride all over the land on a temporary touring bike.

Procrastination abounding in my mindset, the fun bike hibernates.

When Mark asked for a chore that requires no help or resources to complete that had been undone; the poor dusty red beast came immediately to mind.  I made a promise to refit the wiring to the tail frame by Oct 12; what happened …… by the evening Oct 6, wiring done, tail reassembled and biked moved to the centre of the garage so it gets to be finished.  Yay! The pressure to do this task was compelling.

Then there is the daily CH sit still and the collection of daily reads.

As someone working wild shift work (heavy haul train crew, Hunter Valley) at present, organising a book and enterprise launch, while making time for life; there has been times where going to bed or staying in bed have been powerful options.  Yet the moment that thought enters the mind, “won’t hurt if I miss one” the passage “and i make a solemn oath to myself that nothing will retard my new life’s growth. I will lose not a day from these readings ……” from Mandino’s ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World pops straight in.  I read, I meditate and I review my Definite Major Purpose as i promised myself i would.

By the end of the next 24 or so weeks it is clear that new powerful habits and better access to the world within will be adding more than the expected value to my life and it’s successes.

Thanks MKMMA team for all the energy and support you add to the process.

In the Spirit of Happiness, Health and Prosperity, Andrew Fenwick