Let’s Get Back to ………. It All!!

It has been a while since I posted about my life, my plans, dreams and definite major purpose.

Things have been fine and dandy really. No drama to report, just no significant movement in the direction of my plans. Little bits and pieces, however nothing huge.

Interestingly though, since doing the Master Key Mastermind Alliance programme, the burning desire hasn’t dropped away, the vision is still strong and the extra time I have injected into the process has uncovered some new and exciting aspects and opportunities that wouldn’t have existed a year ago.

I would love for you to stay with me and watch the journey from here, giving feedback, asking questions and hopefully joining in on the different stages as we grow.

The Adding To Life Brand will grow, our business name Soul’s Abode will come back to life, two major projects in the fields of adding value to the lives of others and optimum wellbeing have commenced.

First one is the focused work required to grow a solid Network Marketing (NWM) business with Sunrider International. In a very casual way we have continued to promote and use a very unique product line that provides an input of concentrated wholefood herbal nutrition and teas. The company itself has made changes I have been wanting to seeing for a long time that make this a fantastic time to treat this like the genuine business option it has become. Don’t get me wrong it has since 1982 been a great company with a good family running it and I may have been looking for excuses not to put myself out there, I can wear that badge.

Now I understand that some of you may have cringed at the words ‘Network Marketing’ for your own reasons, I get it. My thoughts I will share around that response are, not NWM operations and opportunities are the same. I have seen plenty that I wouldn’t look at, others who have products of value but don’t represent a good business option and others that I would consider getting involved in. So if you have had or know of bad experiences with home based business options, please open your mind to the idea that they are all not bad companies or questionable product offerings. I expect everyone I invite to look at our products and business option to due all the due diligence they need to make a good decision.

My interest in NWM is not a new fad, my involvement with Sunrider not a ‘latest greatest new opportunity’. My first look at this came as a probably 10 year old tagging along with my father to a Bestline business presentation. The model made sense. Later in life in the mid 1980’s I looked at what Amway had to offer and gave it a very short try out (so I do understand why someone might shy away from NWM / MLM). I even knocked back the first look at Sunrider because of my closed mind about the industry.

But now …. since 1992 I have become a fan of the business model when it is done right, by the right people for the right reasons. I have learnt how to do it right, become the right person and understand now the actual value a good NWM business can add to the lives of people.

There is no more ethical business model from what I can see. I don’t succeed without helping others have great product experiences or gain success themselves. I have to be a good leader, supporter and coach. I literally don’t make any meaningful income unless I help someone else to create a meaningful income. How ethical it that. There are no shortcuts, lazy people can’t make money and people with poor intention never last long. If only regular business worked that way.

I am happy to respond to any questions, comments or opinions you might have about that project.

The other project is more bricks and mortar style, with the establishment of a quality wholefood cafe that provides affordable healthy foods that are both 100% plant based and gluten free. A place where food if ethical in terms of animals, environment and importantly health. A place where the food is safe for the vast majority. A place with good music, art, opportunity for youth training and good food can all be accessed. The long game on this is to expand into a chain, that has members and becomes a popular brand.

Keep you eyes out for the launch of the first part of this project, hopefully you will help us get it going as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, subscribe for updates and helpful info. Please comment, share and keep me accountable.

Love, health and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

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