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It is easy to shut down and become stagnant when it comes to improving our health and performance; especially with all the conflicting information and marketing hype surrounding us.

There are some great things about technology for sure, however in the over stimulating environment it creates for us all in this modern world, important things can get drowned out and missed altogether.

For me as an optimum wellness guide, it gets frustrating to see people I care about miss out on important information, connections and products because they have so many filters up to protect them from the noise of it all. I totally understand and at times have to deliberately check my own filters aren’t stealing some life away from me.

On the subject of products, it is crazy how much stuff is coming out everyday it seems and it all comes with a bombardment of claims, jingles, graphics and of course amazing testimonials. Here lies one of the problems, the quantity and the pressure of it all. It’s like a dump truck loaded with gravel from an opal mine. So much to go through that the attention to detail drops off and the poor miner leave valuable gems behind for some prospector to pick up later. Sunrider is one of those shining gems that often gets caught up in the noise of the health food and supplement marketing noise.


Your Well-Being In The 21st Century Needs Powerful Nutrition
From Whole Foods

It is a unique proposition in many ways and I will explore that in the next few posts this coming week. Here is a little video put out by the company that covers the Sunrider difference briefly. So all I ask is that you start filtering out the gravel and see if you can see the shining gem that we have enjoyed for 25 years.

Happiness, Health and Prosperity


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