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Week 11 – Persistence with induction thrown in.

G’Day all …. bit late again … however here and ruminating over the things that have become apparent.  More on that at the end.

Firstly though I would like to explore the Master Key lesson for week 11 a little.

This is the first week that I really struggled to get into what Haanel was trying to impart on me.  There was the familiar theme which i’d imagine by now all participants have totally absorbed into their subconscious mind.  The world within (our thought and emotions) is the cause and the world without is the consequence of our persistent ‘world within’.

However the language, subject matter and the structure created the need to read very slowly and carefully, looking for the core point he was attempting to deliver.

Induction or inductive thinking as a term was new to me in this context, having an electrical trade background it means a totally different thing; involving magnetic fields and creating currents. The induction Haanel speaks of is the exploration of what is, comparing the components involved and using logical thinking to come to a general conclusion as to the root causes and commonality.  For humanity this can be seen in the move from superstition and no understanding of ‘why’ to piecing together the world around them, gaining an understanding of the laws that govern their daily experiences and opened the path for progress.

11:14 “However distant that land may appear, induction has taught men to make
strides toward it and has surrounded him with benefits which are, at the same time,
rewards for past fidelity and incentives for more assiduous devotion.”

For us I guess this can be looking at how things have turned out so far, using inductive thought and our growing understanding of the laws to see the contributing components of persistent thoughts, emotions and choices we have made in a logical fashion.  Once determined we can, once again, using our growing understanding deliberately piece together a ‘law abiding’ way of thinking, seeing and applying action to create whatever we hold in our thoughts as already existing for us.  In escrow waiting to unfold as we ready the pathway for each aspect to manifest itself physically.

Once again the persistence and focus is the theme of creating what we desire.

The feeling part of our thinking has been emphasised by the MKMMA team as a way of transferring our thoughts into outcomes; to feel the elation of having whatever you desire already, having faith that it is waiting for us and all the required resources will become apparent as required at a rate directly related to how much we allow and let go of the process of ‘how’ to attain them.

Haanel adds in 11:18-19 “18. We are first to believe that our desire has already been fulfilled, its
accomplishment will then follow. This is a concise direction for making use of the
creative power of thought by impressing on the Universal subjective mind, the
particular thing which we desire as an already existing fact.
19. We are thus thinking on the plane of the absolute and eliminating all
consideration of conditions or limitation and are planting a seed which, if left
undisturbed, will finally germinate into external fruition.”


Of course we need to, like any farmer knows maintain the optimum conditions for this to happen, fertilising our mind with correct thoughts and persisting with the application of correct actions.  If we get impatient or change our focus to other thoughts and actions we slow and interfere with the manifestation unfoldment.

So it is up to us to create through our persistent application of our new found knowledge, using inductive reasoning to examine outcomes in an unemotional logical way for proof of laws and lessons on their use to obtain rewards for past fidelity (faithfullness to obligations) and incentives for more assiduous (diligent, perservering, industrious) devotion.

Now for a quick review of my rumination.  My struggles to keep pace with the variety of tasks or components in the programme and keeping positive about the shortfall at times. I know I am one of 300+ participants and I do not want to join the 100+ that have been invited back next year to try again.  There were big payoffs emotionally this week in being reminded of the persistence I have demonstrated and the achievements made in these first eleven weeks.

I have completed so many tasks that have been procrastinated on for long periods, lightening the load on the future self considerably.  My focus on where my future self will be has never been higher and clarity on the actions required also filled with faith.

Yet there is a time to do it all aspect that keeps popping up.  There is the making sure I make time for wife and family, there is the need to stay focused in a safety critical role in the ‘job’, while ensuring I keep connected with my growing network marketing team.

persist3The great thing is that the internal pressure to do so remains higher then ever in my life as a result of this class and the confidence that I can do it all successfully likewise high.  The old blueprint, the concrete on my golden Buddha and the hero in my journey are all in flux, changing their status and influences.  All down to persisting where I can with what I resonate most with in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course.  I must stay the course and get the most value out of it possible, as I can feel the life altering enhancing value of each aspect as it is uncovered.

Wishing you all a great week!

In the spirit of happiness, wellbeing and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick