That Week 24 – The most comprehensive personal success class

G’Day Everyone

Just realised that I hadn’t let you in on the final (formal) week of our Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience.

Firstly the efforts and resources tipped into this process by the organisers needs to be acknowledged.  This has to be the best value for input personal success and happiness training available anywhere in the world.  So many times I have been excited throughout my adult life about various personal development opportunities, only to get to the final part of it’s marketing to find an enormous financial commitment required; usually accompanied by some sort of urgent make a decision now or miss out clause.  I am sure many of you have seen this and like me backed off.

I suppose worse still for the many who must fork out the cash to participate and come away with a ‘jazzed up feeling’ that only lasts a few days and then they feel worse than they did before the course about their future.

The MKMMA process is incredibly affordable and there is no financial commitment that needs to be met prior to checking out the process and getting an experience from it.  Unheard of in the world of personal development or any kind of success training.  Once you get into the amount of valuable stuff shared and guided through, you can’t help but sit back and be grateful to have found this.

In September 2015 the class will open again for many more participants, keep your eyes open for the date and the links to have a look. The way things are shaping up you will have to live under a rock somewhere not to hear about this next class.

If you are serious about success training, creating the mindset to create a bright future for you and your loved ones, willing to learn and put into place the activities required to install new ‘normal’ thoughts and responses to life; then get prepared to share the most thought provoking and powerful principles within this masterminding process.

Here is a video from the 2014 lead up to give you an idea

To sum up the process:

You will be exposed to just about every possible way to install your definite major purpose (the foundation of happiness and success) into everyday life, in such a way that you can’t help but take responsibility for your own outcomes.  Outcomes that you plan, visualise and create; rather than just coasting through life making sure some thinking person’s dream comes true, while living a mediocre life of quite desperation.  I know that might sound dramatic, however unless you take the reins and live your life for you to enjoy success (whatever that might mean to you) what will you end up providing your future self.

You will be provided with science, stories and hands on guidance to re-enforce the principles as valid and doable for you.  However the strongest value I found here is, that nobody is telling you how to think about anything.  You are being coached on how to think, learn and create as an independent mind owner, not someone turning to an outside guru for assistance.

You are the Guru, it is you as an extension of creative energy itself, that will be learning how to best utilise and develop your ‘world within’ to live an extraordinary life.

Is this easy, nope!

Is there lots of activities and mental work to perform, yep!

Will it cause some internal conflict and stress, most likely!

Will you have access to everything anyone needs to succeed in whatever field of life meets their personal pivotal needs, absolutely!

You will have stepping stones to follow to your own success!

stepping stones

I have had my feathers totally ruffled by this process, I am uncomfortable with the concept of not following through on my business and personal dreams.  Can’t consider not developing the skills required and following through with the activities required to succeed.  Every time I think something is too hard or outside of my scope to achieve in the time frame I desire, my new mindset kicks in and kicks me in the butt.

Haven’t you always wanted that sort of drive and resolve in your life?  Remember September 2015 is the next opportunity to access the info and the tools, right now is the next time to consider what you want from life and how you can THINK in a way to achieve it.

In the Spirit of Happiness Wellness and Prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Newcastle Australia


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9 thoughts on “That Week 24 – The most comprehensive personal success class

  1. Carol Marsocci

    Looking forward to the continued journey in MKMMA Andrew! As always, enjoyed your insight!!! Carol

  2. Alicia Novoa

    Thank you so much for this post! It is a wonderful and accurate description of what makes the course so beautiful and rewarding, but you did not sugarcoat it either! Thank you so much for putting this out there, and for being a part of the class, adding to it. What a wonderful testimonial.
    Thank you so much for sharing, allowing us to see it through your eyes.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Thank you Alicia for your supportive comments, it was a special experience that has certainly changed the direction of my life

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