Week 15 – What you desire needs space to join you!!

G’Day all

Well what a busy week it has been catching up on my Master Key Mastermind Alliance requirements, both honour and actual.  OOOPS nearly missed out on staying onboard but kindly reinstated.

The class made a significant progression with the introduction of a version of Franklins makeover that focuses on positive virtues we will be magnifying over the next 13 weeks. It is obvious how this can work and like so many people believe “why isn’t this stuff taught in schools?” . How valuable would be for kids to learn how Ben Franklin at a young age started to deliberately shape his mind and world; that this is the cause behind the affect of his ongoing success, not luck.

I am excited to each week search out and enact each virtue; seeing it in others proves I have it in me.  This will be especially helpful on a few of them for sure.

Haanel in 15 once again plugs away at the principles that are nature’s laws and not it a boring mundane way.  These laws are for us to take advantage of and if we are living a life full of difficulty, disharmony and obstacles; then we are refusing to let go and be grateful for what we have and have access to that will provide what we need to improve our lot.

This can be a bitter pill to swallow for us along the way, however I am sure if you examine thoughts, choices and resistance to change along the way, we all have reaped what we have sown.  A principle of the Law of Growth we can’t deny or avoid; that is mathematically exact in it’s nature.

I won’t quote all the powerful bits in this weeks lesson, however the message is clear what thoughts and words we use and the images we store in our minds are powerful. They are the seeds of the material world we are creating and we are always creating; a vital positive world or a life of desperation and mediocrity.  It is in our power to carefully and deliberately choose which by deliberately thinking and speaking about our desired conditions.  We reap only what we sow; the mind is the soil and our thoughts are the seeds.

Over the break we were asked to seek out a few movies to view that have powerful elements and messages that relate to the Hero’s Journey or more importantly the elements Haanel has shared.

Cool Runnings (seen many times), October Sky, Rudy and Door to Door. Haven’t been able to find Door to Door yet, however did manage to enjoy October Sky and Rudy.  Imagine having to watch movies for home work; anyone who knows me knows I just love a good flick and these qualify.

October Sky was a powerful story and told of an era and situation where people did what they did

The actual 'Rocket Boys'

The actual ‘Rocket Boys’

next because everyone else before them had.  In this case it was set in a coal mining town and that is what boys did when school ended; they went to the mine. The USSR launched Sputnik and set a desire in one boy to build rockets and use that as is way out.  It is a true story and no spoilers here, just find it and watch it. The lessons are there and easy to transfer into modern ‘your life’ and worth trotting out for the kids at some point.

Rudy on the other hand I will put some spoilers on, but watch it anyhow.  Rudy’s father and brothers were huge fans of the Notre Dame college football team and all his life Rudy had a burning desire to run onto the field as part of that team. He was however small, a bit athletically challenged and wasn’t likely to be awarded a sports scholarship to that college due to a very distracted and un encouraged school life.

He clearly stated his desire and would visualise games and his role. He had a recording of the famous coaches speech to players which he knew verbatim; often performed with great enthusiasm. He never shifted from his dream regardless of the negative comments, teasing and lack of encouragement from a single person in his family.  However he had one understanding and supportive friend who included him in games and even gifted him a Notre Dame jacket.

Instead of a mine, this town had a steel mill and Rudy’s dad had a foreman’s role there.  Rudy was expected to and did start at the mill, following in his father and brothers footsteps. His friend also worked there and died in a work accident. The tragedy and loss of support switched Rudy from acceptance of his lot to pursuance of his dream. This is where we see all the required actions taking hold and unfolding in an amazing demonstration of the Law of Attraction.

#45 Rudy is the last Notre Dame player carried off the field since the 70's

#45 Rudy is the last Notre Dame player carried off the field since the 70’s

Unshaking persistence, visualisation, service to others, courage and burning desire pulling together circumstances and people to ensure he lived out his dream.  Chasing that dream also took him to a much better place and the ripple affect into his family invaluable.  He just refused to see another outcome and was presented with the right people at the right time to ensure it occurred.  He was still small, athletically challenged and struggling with school; yet in the final game of the season of his senior year Rudy ran out on the field with his family in the stands.  It was for less than a minute of play and yet because of who he had become and the affect of his service to the team he was carried off the field like a champ (hero).  It was all achieved via thought and focus on the desired outcome, everything else just unfolded as required, eventually with the support of over 60 people.

We all have this is us and available to us to pursue whatever desired outcome we have.  We can’t afford to think of anything else or entertain the negativity of others.

In the spirit of happiness, wellbeing and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick



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