Week 16 – Looking for Kindness and Clarity

Just a quick one.

G’day all and welcome to the next step in the master keys mastermind alliance for me.

Gotta say the testing nature of this course hit me at this point, my conscious mind is occupied each day with the vision I hold for my future self and I am revisiting my purpose each day.  The rigor in which I am applying the activities of the course are slipping a bit which does stress me a little.  I promised myself to not just do this class, but to really get the most from it.  This pressure is pushing me in the right direction.

This week Haanel has provided a revision of some principles shared right from the start. To create we must take our ideas and visualise in great detail and focus on how this is to be.  How it feels, how it looks and how it will serve others. Then it will materialise, as the resources and people around us align and somehow or another appear as we need them to succeed.

Anyone remotely familiar with the law of attraction knows this to be so, yet how many of us still entertain negative thoughts about ourselves or our likelihood of success.  STOP IT!! These thoughts are powerful forces in the creation of our unfolding destiny.  Everyone of them a step backwards and potentially even giving in.

The discord we experience in any part of life has been bought upon us by our practiced thinking and the feelings we have chosen for those thoughts.  Many people will think something evil has happened when life goes to poop, instead of seeing the outcome as an effect and the thinking as the cause.

I like Haanel’s very Buddhist comments on good and evil.

16-24 to 27

“It is neither good nor bad, it simply is.  Our ability to differentiate it into form is our ability to manifest good or evil.  Good and evil therefore are not entities, they are simply words which we use to indicate the result of our actions, and these actions are in turn predetermined by the character of our thought.

If our thought is constructive and harmonious we manifest good; if it is destructive and discordant we manifest evil.”

We need to focus on just the creation of our positive ideal and not let thoughts of other people and things that we think we lack enter into the equation.

That’s the clarity bit sorted.

This week the Franklin makeover had the virtue of kindness as the one we would focus on. One could be forgiven for thinking that this was a rare comodity in our modern life.

However I found it everywhere and also realised how kind I am all the time; as I had always meant to be but never truly examine whether I was walking that talk.

Give this a go if you haven’t been a part of this class.  For a whole week look for kind acts, acknowledge your own own kindness and deliberatley undertake a couple of random acts of kindness each day.  You may be very pleasantly surprised how nice each day becomes and how more kindness shows up. I had the most enjoyable drive into Sydney, helping others in traffic and enjoying the same from others.  I had favours given to me by businesses who had no need to extend them to me. I had lots of great chats.  That was one day out of the week of experiencing how nice people are given the opportunity and encouragement.  Give it a go and then just keep doing it if it feels right.

A big year ahead in personal achievement, service to others and business growth, a lot of which will be built on the knowledge and skill derived from this MKMMA class and the Go90Grow training resources.  Can’t wait to share the successes with you all.

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwickholdingback

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8 thoughts on “Week 16 – Looking for Kindness and Clarity

  1. Carol Marsocci (@MKCarolMarsocci)

    As Mark J said when he talked about the Franklin Makeover, use this as a make up if you haven’t done some of the prior exercises. Amazing how keying in each week on one virtue plus the kindness creates such a positive impact!!! And of course, don’t forget Andrew to be kind to yourself-, you are doing the work!!! Enjoy, Carol

  2. davene

    3 Tomatoes are walking down the street. Momma Tomato, Papa Tomato & Baby Tomato. Now Baby Tomato keeps lagging behind and Papa Tomato get mad and walks back and squished Baby Tomato and says, “Catch up!” So, Andrew, Catch up!

  3. Tammy

    You post provided a new perspective of the virtues exercise. I was looking for a stronger way to connect to the exercise and you have provided it. Thank you for your post.


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