Week 17 – The worship of false gods

Back again!!

G’Day all from an African summer in Australia.

It may seem that I am always in catch up mode with this process … lately that is the truth.

Haven’t been managing my activities in a way they combine very well, however there is a very strong positive.  In the past I may have justified not continuing and by making an excuse that shed blame ‘outside’.

This is an inside job and I now know and feel it; there has been a constant internal pressure to stay in touch with the class work, the reading and the thinking.

Week 17 probably bought many to a point of realisation about what they are or had been pursuing the gods of money and things; rather than focusing on service.  It was certainly in my face and made me question my intentions as I set off into building business and personal brand again.  When I examined my DMP and the way I have always done business I felt at ease with how things have come together, however identified that the money god was putting pressure on my actions along the way.  The Law of Growth, give more get more and not expecting reciprocity from the channels I enrich are key players in my thought patterns now.

one sentence purpose

Haanel writes

17-28. You may be pursuing the symbols of power, instead of power itself. You may be pursuing fame instead of honor, riches instead of wealth, position instead of servitude; in either event you will find that they turn to ashes just as you overtake them.

17-29. Premature wealth or position cannot be retained because it has not been earned; we get only what we give, and those who try to get without giving always find that the law of compensation is relentlessly bringing about an exact equilibrium.

Which reminds me of two examples.  One was a very successful lady client of mine who was always doing another ‘goal’.  Yet she didn’t seem to work to providing more service for anyone, often expressing negative feelings about customers.  She always achieved her goal in short time frames and then fell flat; needing another new ‘thing’ for the mental trophy cupboard.  Happiness wasn’t in the stuff! The importance of them turned to ashes.

Next is a local business man of some notoriety.  Came into money, lots of money, as a result of a very canny land deal his father put together.  His personal wealth was measured in the hundreds of millions and assets combined made him a young billionaire.

He was in the news for a year, buying (bailing out) local football teams, proposing developments and making promises of delivering all sorts of big ticket items to the city.  At the same time the things took over.  Massive homes, planes, helicopter, three horse racing studs (hundreds of horses and staff), exotic cars and what seemed like dozens of business ventures.

By 18 months from the start of his rise to fame he went from saviour to bad behaviour in the eyes of the world.  Not paying staff, debts or suppliers; while still dishing out the dough and making a fanfare about it.

He was in the mining sector, yet had never turned a sod or produced a single ounce of coal or ore.  Just buying in and out of things and making more money to blow elsewhere it seemed.

In the end of this chapter of his life he is a leper in the business world, one mining group’s share prices actually started to drop just because he was involved.  People are still chasing him for unpaid debts and unkept promises. “..the law of compensation is relentlessly bringing about an exact equilibrium”.

So let’s get to bringing more service to the world we live in and attract symbols of the power we develop in direct and exact equilibrium.

In the spirit of happiness, wellbeing and prosperity


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