Week 18 – Meeting Gemma

In week 18 we traveled to South Australia to meet our first Grandchild, Gemma Dorathy.

It is a great celebration of the nature of the ‘Law of Attraction’ via burning desire, persistence and continuous action.  You see my son and his wife weren’t having an easy time of falling pregnant, seven years of trying; which included the last two of actually setting up the best possible situation for conception.

You see, they took the matter into their own hands by restoring their health, getting fit and focusing on the mental process of being positive about what they were embarking on.  Although there was a level of medical activity undertaken, it was clear to us the most significant difference made was in the energy and feelings being invested by Jacob and Stacey.  Between them they shed around 50kg by changing their lifestyle choices and adding fitness; they decided to bring the best cards to the table, rather than being hard done by and leaving it to the doctors to resolve.  We as a family were so proud to watch the transformation and were looking forward to a positive outcome.

Well didn’t we get what we were putting out there for this new family unit.  Improved health delivered fast changes and a very healthy pregnancy, culminating in the arrival of what would be, without grandfatherly bias the most gorgeous little blossom of a little girl I have ever met.









Subsequently, my MKMMA compliance was a little disrupted by a week of traveling and visiting, baby gazing and proud fathering.  None the less where opportunity arose the books came out and the cards were flashed.

One of the highlights was the start of the ‘Scrolled Marked V’ in our Og Mandino reads. Yet the significance of the scroll IV was not lost as I gazed once more at another of nature’s greatest miracles, Gemma.  However if I was to succeed in creating the legacy I have a burning desire to create I needed to remind myself that I was bought here with a purpose, unique to me, as natures unique and greatest miracle.

So as I opened up (with some excitement) scroll V, it was time to chose and transpose a phrase from IV to the heading of V, so I can repeat it out loud with each read; bringing a little of the previous message to the new scroll.  “I apply all  my efforts to becoming the highest mountain of all and I strain my potential until it cries for mercy”.  Although there were so many lovely phrases about my uniqueness and the miracle that I am (1:400 trillion chance of it happening); this passage is so demanding of me to succeed.  Something I really need at this point.

Scroll V launches me forward with the theme of ‘I live this day as if it were my last’. Although this concept could be contrived to be a bit negative, if we just think about the potential of it to provide the motivation and permission to succeed it is very powerful. I am enjoying this scroll, yet finding the pressure to live it much harder then previous scrolls.

The passage that grabbed me straight off .. “Henceforth I know that to court idleness is to steal food, clothing and warmth from those i love.  I am not a thief. I am a man of love and today is my last chance to prove my love and my greatness”.   I know I am not planning to drop off the mortal toil tomorrow, I must acknowledge that I might one day fall short of my burning desire being manifested because I spent time procrastinating or spending time with idle people; if that is what I choose to do with my last day each day.

Here is a college commencement speech by Steve Jobs (not an applephile, however no one can deny his place in the hierarchy of creative genius)

Treat this day as if it were your last, finish strong!

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity




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8 thoughts on “Week 18 – Meeting Gemma

  1. Carol Marsocci (@MKCarolMarsocci)

    Andrew-, Congratulations and enjoy your precious granddaughter. A wonderful share on your son and daughter-in-laws story of persistence and faith. Steve Jobs Commencement speech was captivating with all the MKMMA lessons weaved into his life experiences. Enjoy, Carol

  2. Tammy

    I so enjoyed reading your post. It was alive with positivity and excitement and I enjoyed sharing your joy with you. Thank you for posting the pictures of your extended family. Best wishes to you and yours. Enjoy!

  3. Sharon

    Congratulations! and how exciting to see everything we are learning to come to life in such a wonderful blessed way!
    Enjoy your family and your new grand baby! You are right! She is beautiful!


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