Week 19 – The journey from black to white

G’Day the world at large, hope this adds value to your day.

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance isn’t just a course you take or a weekend seminar that works you into a lather of enthusiasm that lasts until your subconscious kicks in and kicks all the new stuff out; it is a community working in harmony, with accountability and guidance.  A process of new practices and education that allows you to discover ‘you’ and support the path you choose to enjoy your passion and bliss.

The regular blogs that are flooding the web are a testimony to the experience hundreds of people have had through this process.

Each week we engage in the writing of Charles Haanel, Og Mandino and of course ourselves.  Constant exposure to our own definite major purpose, our achievements, our gratitudes, our nice moments and powerful affirmations keeps our thoughts on track; like a trip to the gym to strengthen muscle, we build positive thinking.  This is a six month transformation process that you control with hands on assistance and community spirit.

I like the lesson from Haanel for week 19.  Oh I suppose you might want to know why.

Apart from reinforcing the concept that has been shared in a few lessons already; that for every effect we see, positive or negative there is a cause from thought.  We can deconstruct with our imagination and visualisation the process of thought, our own and those of other players that leads to an outcome in the material outer world.

Predominately positive thinking and visualisation brings good effects and in contrast the other type of thinking brings the opposite outcome in our lives.  We bear witness to this process everyday in the people we interact with the one’s with ‘stinking thinking’ (Zig Ziglar) that is freely shared have a life that reflects this is exact proportion.

It is the contrast this week that interests me; the one thing not mentioned in the text is Yin Yang.  Everything has balance and everything contains a bit of the opposing aspect.  For example the average stinking thinker does have some positive moments and thoughts, what we consider a dark room actually has some light.

The principle of everything being a part of a continuum of possible effect is helpful for everyone to consider when judging the situation they find themselves in.

If everything is meant to be positive (who by design wants to create negativity) and this isn’t the experience being had, then it is the absence of the positive that makes it appear negative, not necessarily the abundance of negative.

A dark room is instantly transformed with the tiniest introduction of light, a crack in the curtains letting in the pre dawn light changes the whole view we see, colour and detail almost instantly.

In that light, evil is the absence of sufficient good, negative thinking the absence of sufficient positive and dissatisfaction the absence of gratitude; the list could fill the page, I am sure you get the gist.

Haanel gives us the message that we can get to the cause held in our thinking and take control of our outcomes.

In the spirit of happiness , wellbeing and prospesity





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3 thoughts on “Week 19 – The journey from black to white

  1. Carol Marsocci (@MKCarolMarsocci)

    Beautifully said Andrew, thought is a cause and conditions are the effect. I also loved reading Haanel’s Week 19, concentrating very clearly on what we want. Enjoy, Carol


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