Week 22 – What are you harvesting?


From the intro to this lesson.

“In Part Twenty-two you will find that thoughts are spiritual seeds, which, when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow, but unfortunately the fruit is frequently not to our liking.”



This I believe a summary of every lesson in Haanel’s work, the world within is our garden of life creation.

It is a fertile plot of soil that will, like every garden bed follow the laws of nature; what you plant will grow.  Plant for rich red tomatoes and miraculously without any resistance, fear or doubt tomato plants sprout.  Our intent was to grow them, we expected them, we weren’t surprised when the plants appeared.

If we plant negative thought vibrations into the garden bed of our subconscious mind and expect a rich beautiful life experiences to sprout …. is it any wonder so many folk are disappointment harvesters.

Unfortunately the vast majority of them have no clue that they have some responsibility for what they harvest as the sower of the initial seeds and the ongoing fertilising of the soil.  Because of this fact the same people then go on to repeat the entire process to create a larger harvest next time round; by focusing all their attention, thoughts and conversations onto the negative outcomes they are experiencing.  We know these people, have been these people and maybe still have a tendency to be that person.

By utilising the seven laws of the mind, we can change our thoughts, our feelings and henceforth our outcomes.  Starting a new practice of choosing what makes it to our subconcious mind (remembering what we let in becomes a demand to manifest) and using visualisation, positive thought substitution, silence and forgiveness as the path to healing; we can then create a new and amazing result in our health.

Apart from the metaphysical implications, worry, stress, anger, sadness (and any thought pattern not clearly positive) causes a physiological response with the release of stress flight or flight hormones from the adrenal glands.  This instantly turns the whole body into a reactive one rather than a positive responsive one.

Our immune system is suppressed, our circulation decreased, digestion virtually ceases and our sensory input to the brain goes through the roof.  This is fine for five minutes every now and then, but all day every day?  One doesn’t have to be a highly qualified professor of medical science to work out that the long term effect on health will be catastrophic.

The great news is …… we can turn all that detrimental natural response off with some silent relaxation, positive outlook and a practice of visualisation that clearly demonstrates the outcome we desire.  Here is a great example of this power to create health where none was ever expected.  Watch and enjoy!!

In the Spirit of Happiness, Wellbeing and Prosperity

Andrew Fenwick


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One thought on “Week 22 – What are you harvesting?

  1. Carol Marsocci (@MKCarolMarsocci)

    Andrew, I began reading your blog this morning and then started over reading it to Tom (my husband). Thank you for sharing your beautiful insight. We also loved the video and the take away “Man becomes what he thinks about”! Couldn’t think of a better way to start our day!!! Enjoy, Carol


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