Week 9 – Dieting, Loving and Making Pictures

G’Day and Happy Monday!

Sorry for being late getting this up, no excuses just late.

This week in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance has been punctuated with a very resilient old blue print stomping around in it’s room making a hell of a racket, banging on the now locked gate screaming old paradigms.  Aspects of my previous way of thinking, allowing and giving in dangled like rewards if I just slacken right off.

Well thanks to popping into the Alliance area and reading some other member’s writing, reviewing the video for the week I am feeling much more aligned with the process ahead.  This was of course enhanced today with a skype chat with my ‘hands on’ guide Carol, what a lovely lady and full of support and encouragement.

The mental diet has been going very well and has helped me to stay ahead of any negative self talk about my application of the MKMMA course.  I am still here and still persisting until I succeed (Thanks Og)

The power of love as a way to build rapport and to shield against the negativity of others has been a powerful message for the last 30 days and I will miss the daily reads of that scroll.  Going into each new arena with the intention to love all you encounter changes everything.  It is the primary goal ahead of all previously important aspects of encounters.  I look forward to meeting difficult folk just to feel it.

Reminded by Haanel once again that all I require to be happy and successful is available in the world within, that the predominant mental and emotional state is what is going to create my future ….  everything.


The introduction of a truth affirmation has been interesting, as I have never been a great user of affirmations; this one however has struck a chord and has been quickly memorised for use anytime.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!  I will create a personal affirmation with this at it’s core that like this core will be used regularly through the day to replace quickly any discordant thinking.

The Law of Growth is at the centre of the visualisation during the sit.  I will need to brush up on my clarity of vision in these exercises as I can see more and more creating a clear vision and attaching positive emotions to it is the activation of the Law of Attraction; something we all desire to master I am certain.

So regardless of a very crazy work life and the starting of a new enterprise I am digging in here and will be extremely appreciative of any prodding and encouragement flowing my way from my guide and the alliance.  I can see the power in what we are all training to be here and look forward to hearing all the great stories of success over the years directly connected to the decision to join in on the Master Key Master Mind Alliance class of 2014.

In the spirit of happiness wellbeing and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

(He always keeps his promises)


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One thought on “Week 9 – Dieting, Loving and Making Pictures

  1. Carol Marsocci

    The pleasure was all mine Andrew!!! It certainly is amazing and fun learning from everyone in MKMMA through their Blogs and the Alliance. I noticed all the blogs you commented and shared on Twitter-, we are in harmony to help others stumble onto this wonderful gift of the MKMMA!!! Helping others truly find their gifts and share with others! Enjoy, Carol


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