Week Four – Time to Quit!

Time to Quit!

Wait a minute … only 4 weeks in and I am tossing in the towel. Hell no, I am quitting any resistance I have to the concepts and new blue print building activities being asked of me.

G’Day and happy Aussie Friday

Wow week 4 you have been serving it up.  Had to watch the replay of the webinar just to get it straight and to drop the overwhelming sensation of ‘it’s all building up’ ‘how can I keep up’.

As I have mentioned I do not live a monday to friday 9-5 lifestyle, more like working all over the shop, 24/7 changing everyday and each week 52 weeks a year.  It is actually not possible to follow the model of the class to the letter. However what I can and will do is make ‘a fit’ that allows me to acheive all that is required to not only stay within my obligations but empowers me to achieve the spirit of the excercise fully.  I did it now and I did it my way!

Don’t be mistaken, I am following this class curriculum to the letter and am surprising myself how my past procrastination has been missing.. There is a drive to succeed and I am taking more action in the last few weeks to secure that then at any other time in my life.  This S#*#t works!

What I am choosing to do though is to embrace the life I lead right now, be gratefull for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance scholarship coming my way at this time and blend the two together 100% as best I can.  I know that there are so many people who are flying blind, living out someone else’s plan for them and bumping aimlessly from one challenge to the next.

I am quitting that life for good!!

I am quitting accepting failure as par for the course

I am quitting worrying about what other people are doing or thinking

I am quitting seeing my dharma as just a pipe dream and have started making it my destiny.

I am quitting the need to know all the details and have started to allow my world within to connect to that universal source for decisions.

I am quitting fear and it’s blanketing affect on the sun of my great ideas.

I can be what I will to be, and I can do it now!

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick


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9 thoughts on “Week Four – Time to Quit!

  1. amnpete

    Good Aussie Friday to you Andrew!! You make me want to quit too!!! haha…
    Great post mate, keep it up!! Loving sharing this journey with you 🙂


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