Week One – Challenge Accepted

As I approach the end of week one of MKMMA ….
Defined Major Purpose has been massaged with the help of my ‘hands on’ guide, Carol; it’s feeling powerful.  As the DMP is part of the daily reading required it is interesting to see how the old blueprint intervenes from time to time. 

I have found using EFT while reading the DMP out loud is easing the tension the adventure brings up.

Today is the first challenge to reading habit by my work.  Timing will be out, however three sessions will be completed. 

My job gave me a good reminder today as to why my DMP is so important.  It’s 0540hrs on Saturday of a public holiday long weekend.  I have been on duty since 2030 hrs Friday and still 120km from home.

I hold myself in a point of gratitude to my employer,  gfc haven and wealth provider for future projects.  With such a well paid job to lean on DMP will unfold nicely.

Next week brings new lessons from The Master Key System and the Worlds Greatest Salesman.  How tempting it is to read ahead.

In the Spirit of Happiness, Health and Prosperity.

Andrew Fenwick


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3 thoughts on “Week One – Challenge Accepted

  1. amnpete

    How true it is that our old blueprint slips into our consciousness when we are not protecting our subconscious!! Congratulations mate on pushing through that and moving forward, even with your challenges. You looked for an answer and it came to you – though the timing may have been a little off you succeeded!! You are a star my friend.
    Kindest regards


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