Week Ten!!- Natural Law, glide with it or work against it; Choice

Gday All !! Happy Monday I think ūüôā (note: I now know it is Aussie Tuesday ūüôā )

For those who have been following the progress so far with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance experience I am enjoying at present (wow 10 weeks) you might have noticed comments about the lifestyle I lead work wise. ¬†I really didn’t have a clue what day it was today. ¬†Sorry for being late guys, however thrilled to get here.

The Haanel work this past week has been very good at re enforcing the concepts of the natural laws of the universe that we operate within and our role in getting the best from them.  We must always operate with the clear knowledge that they are operating at all times and that we are creating at all times.  The Law of Growth and the Law of Attraction are pretty much hand in hand at all times.

10:18 “… everything that has life is constantly attracting to itself the conditions and the supply which is necessary for it’s most complete expression”

This is easily seen in the amazing way nature exploits all the energy and resources it needs to create life, it never holds back or decides in advance as to whether there will be enough of whatever to grow something; it just does it now! ¬†The seed of a plant has the plan, the intention and the necessary knowledge to do it’s stuff.

Our thoughts, ideas and predominant emotional states are seeds!! ¬†They all have access to the resources required to come into being. ¬†This work we are doing is about germinating the seeds of only the crop we wish to harvest; choosing our thoughts, intentions and emotional state so as to manifest our definite purpose. ¬†Application of this knowledge to create deliberately rather than float along with the majority of folk who are complaining about having no power over their future life. ¬†Blaming and making excuses for the lack in their life. Og’s description of sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse of failure is so apparent in our society today, however no more than at anytime in history.

Those with the knowledge we are developing have always influenced the outcomes of the masses; who are you wanting to be now, the sheep or the lion?

With our knowledge and the application of right thinking and feeling we are taking the power into our own hands, to create the future we desire.  Allowing the universal powers to unfold ahead of us in direct correlation to our definite purpose.

I don’t know how others went with the ‘cone’ but at first I found this a challenging visualisation exercise, then it clicked and popped in to vision and changed colours as desired. ¬†Didn’t do this consistently though.

Og Mandino had us loving everyone including ourselves as a powerful success tool; how can it not be when “who is there that will say nay to my goods when his heart feels my love” . This is the passage I have chosen to carry forth into the next scroll.

Our end of week 10 webinar highlighted the value of persistence in success at any endeavour; uncovering though that it is more than just not quitting.  Persistence is staying the course, doing the correct actions and thinking correct thoughts consistently until you succeed.  Not quitting can mean sitting in your own crap longer than you need to, a bad marriage, a bad business, a bad job because you are fearful of taking the next steps; totally different stuff.


I did struggle a bit with the opening passages in the scroll 3, about the grading of bulls for fighting.  The persistent bull being graded high and going into battle for show at a later date; the logical me saw the non aggressive bull as the winner as he probably ends his life much more peacefully.  However keeping in mind the message of persistence and the era of the writing I have let that go and focus on the message with each read.

“I will persist until I succeed”

In the spirit of happiness, wellbeing and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick



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