Week Three – MKMMA is becoming life as I know it

G’day and Happy Saturday / Sunday

Week three has rushed to a close.  Where week one and two I seemed to pushed to fit everything in; more mentally than actually.

This last week has been a full one, with another tweak of the definite major purpose (DMP) to include my personal pivotal needs and more emotional charge, a summary or movie trailer of DMP and a combined book / business launch event to bring together.

Yet there was such an internal push to ensure all MKMMA obligations were completed to the best of my ability.

Yes this does imply it wasn’t a perfect application of tasks, however not for a lack of sticking what I can into whatever gaps appear.  Not working a regular job, as I have a role in the rail industry that involves staggered rostering on a 24/7 basis.  There have been interruptions from being there or being in bed to recover for the next turn of duty. So it has been challenging to shuffle this all together.

It is very interesting how the readings change each time now, i used to believe my comprehension skills were pretty good; however when new meanings and phrases suddenly popping up as powerful, proves that every good read deserves a couple of reads at least.

I have always known that meditation is of great benefit and would when under the pump ‘sit’ and disengage for a while.  For the first time in my life meditating for 15-20 mins each day or as Haanel describes it, sitting, is something I will be continuing as the end of day and sleep has obviously improved. If we include the known science around the health benefits in our decisions, it is actually a no brainer to keep it up.

I now this whole process has added value to my launch event this week, able to clearly think and organise all that was needed to be done.  More significantly I attracted so much help to set up and pack up, to help organise guests and make sure everything came off in the most professional manner. Thankyou Thankyou!!

To all my fellow MKMMA students, lets stay in harmony and choose to go at it 100% so we can extract the greatest benefits from the experience and generosity of our teachers.

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Andrew Fenwick opening launch evet

Andrew Fenwick opening launch evet


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