Week Two – I Promise

G’Day and Happy Saturday

Week two of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Programme is nearly completed and the internal pressure of a promise is showing itself to be a powerful tool.

Let’s start with the ‘chore card’. I have had the back end of a motorbike pulled apart for a long long time, nothing serious, just for painting wheels and rear frame.

The poor stead found itself tucked away in a spot getting surrounded by ‘stuff’ and covered in dust.  Meanwhile I ride all over the land on a temporary touring bike.

Procrastination abounding in my mindset, the fun bike hibernates.

When Mark asked for a chore that requires no help or resources to complete that had been undone; the poor dusty red beast came immediately to mind.  I made a promise to refit the wiring to the tail frame by Oct 12; what happened …… by the evening Oct 6, wiring done, tail reassembled and biked moved to the centre of the garage so it gets to be finished.  Yay! The pressure to do this task was compelling.

Then there is the daily CH sit still and the collection of daily reads.

As someone working wild shift work (heavy haul train crew, Hunter Valley) at present, organising a book and enterprise launch, while making time for life; there has been times where going to bed or staying in bed have been powerful options.  Yet the moment that thought enters the mind, “won’t hurt if I miss one” the passage “and i make a solemn oath to myself that nothing will retard my new life’s growth. I will lose not a day from these readings ……” from Mandino’s ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World pops straight in.  I read, I meditate and I review my Definite Major Purpose as i promised myself i would.

By the end of the next 24 or so weeks it is clear that new powerful habits and better access to the world within will be adding more than the expected value to my life and it’s successes.

Thanks MKMMA team for all the energy and support you add to the process.

In the Spirit of Happiness, Health and Prosperity, Andrew Fenwick



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6 thoughts on “Week Two – I Promise

  1. amnpete

    Andrew, I share the same experience with you this week. I have just started a new job – moving to FULL time – and with moving to Australian Daylight savings this week, time has been a challenge, and that old “blueprint thought” popped into my head – I can miss just one reading… that same passage pops into my head and the words I PROMISE and I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES are keeping me accountable to getting it done!!
    Well done for pushing the old blueprint aside!

  2. masterkeyamandar

    What an awesome quote to remember when those thoughts appear! I know I have been using “Do it now” all day long to stay focused as I tend to put things off but not anymore. Congrats on fitting everything in.


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