Better Choices Reviews and Feedback

It is so important that we get great results for you, the client.

Here is a few comments shared with us about the book, ‘Better Choices for a Better Me’ and the coaching peoples have received.

As an author and coach, Andrew Fenwick, has had his own journey from deteriorating wellness to vitality. The coaching and recommendations are not based just on the theory, but his personal experience and the research required to support his clinical and coaching clients for more than 20 years.

From Over Weight to Vital – A Journey of Discovery and Better Choices

Here is what other people are sharing; once you have completed the book and video coaching support, we would love you to share your thoughts with us. What you enjoyed about it and where we can improve the offering, all feedback welcome.

Greg L, NSW Australia

I had a number of health issues and they have improved radically and in some cases disappeared. It also provided me with the knowledge and tools to deal with life’s stresses. The expertly explained concepts were easy to adopt and adapt to. This is simple, enjoyable and one of the best things you can do for your overall wellbeing.” –

Brendon G, Qld Australia

“Coming from a strong health and fitness background, I thought I new about nutrition and the impact it has on your body. After reading Andrew’s book, Better Choices for a Better Me, I came to realize all my previous knowledge was only dealt with mainly body composition. I know have a new found respect in regards to the power that the food (fuel) we put into our bodies has a much bigger impact then I thought. I have only just started implementing some of the things recommended by Andrew and I have noticed my skin is clearer and I’m no where near as hungry as I use to be. This is such an easy read and the knowledge Andrew displays is very very high. If you want to shift you attitudes about what you eat then this is a must read!”

Cara S, Montana USA

Andrew Fenwick’s teaching on how to find health and vitality come from years of experience as well as the real results his clients have received from his program.  
If you are looking for a doable, uncomplicated, insightful path to transforming your health then Andrew’s program is an important step toward(s) that success.  
His book and video program is user friendly, compassionate, informative, and easy to use! Oh, yes and it works too! 
Take the step to change your health to add years and vitality to your life and do it with Andrew’s help.  Don’t wait any longer.  Andrew is someone you will love working with! I know I have! 

Mark S, NSW Australia

“Fantastic! Created a fundamental shift in my attitudes. I loved the fact that Andrew spelt out clearly, easy to implement changes in my lifestyle that have a tremendous impact on my wellbeing. Everyone should hear this!” –

Adam D, Massachusetts, USA

I want to say a couple words about “Better Choices For A Better Me” by Andrew Fenwick. I have been on a journey of making a Better Me for a couple years now. I weighted around 400 pounds and I have been able to get below 200 pounds in less than 20 months using the ideas Andrew talks about in this book.

From being on that journey I had to learn things about water intake, being active, Optimum Fuel, along with rest and sleep and how enormously important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I wish I found “Better Choices For A Better Me” in the beginning of my journey.

Andrew covers all the moving parts you need to be aware of and perform and so much more in his book. I would have no doubt lost the weight even quicker than the 20 months.I believe everything in this book will give you the foundation and the layout of what it takes and how really simple creating a Better You can be.I highly recommend you add this book to your research and growth. It is truly a tool to get you to win and take back your Health and Vitality. Thank Andrew Fenwick

Heidi W, NSW Australia

“I have no more stomach pains, my gums don’t bleed, I have higher energy levels throughout the day, clothes are looser on me, I am happier, calmer, I am not hungry anymore, my skin is clearer and I am not fearful anymore; if fear starts I know how to deal with it. I know that my life is going to be a lot easier.” –

Cindy & Kelvin B, NSW Australia

” Andrews simple and easy to understand approach makes reading this book a pleasure. The holistic approach to food and wellbeing resonates well with us and is now a core value in our life. Thanks Andrew.”

Christina D, Hawaii, USA

Overall, I found the book to be very informative in breaking down complex systems of the body  into everyday relatable analogies that anyone can understand without the heavy medical jargon. I also thought that whatever stage you are in on the health journey, you can benefit from this book. It’s a good refresher for people that are relatively healthy but wanna improve their energy levels as well as those that are looking to make a drastic change in nutrition and lifestyle. For me, personally, it was a good introduction to living a healthier lifestyle and covered the basics of what the body needs to function optimally. 

Cindy O, California USA

‘Better Choices for a Better Me’ is a simple blueprint that gives you the questions to answer to increase your health and along with all that, your life can bring. It is an excellent guide for anyone who is trying to become their best selves. Fenwick does a magnificent job of giving us a simple framework that is helpful and not overwhelming. This book touches on everything necessary to live a better life.

It is an easy to understand positive approach to achieving long-lasting youth and being free of chronic illness. This book designed to empower people to complete their own action plan.

Andrew Fenwick believes there is a need for a greater focus on real cures and prevention of disease over just treating symptoms with medicines that may cause adverse effects. It is a holistic approach discussing various factors that impact your long term health. The basic foundation ideas and practices will accelerate physical healing, help provide the body with the requirements to unleash its regenerative potential.

Optimum wellness needs to have a frame and Better Choices shows each reader how to create and control their own well being. Don’t be overwhelmed with all the advice that’s coming at you just pick up this book today. This book makes this complex field clear and understandable for all and provides valid, actionable steps that people can take to improve health daily.’

Linn D, QLD Australia

This book is a great read with great tips on what to do to heal yourself.
If you are looking for help to live a more healthy life style this is the book for you.
Thanks for your help Andrew

Raquel Q, Belfordshire UK

The book is full with useful information that can be added to anyone’s life very easily. It is also true that the more you get into the book, the easier it is to understand it and digest it. Towards the end, the book is addictive and one cannot stop reading it.
The way you compare our body functions with everyday examples works well in order to understand it and your list of resources and further recommendations are also invaluable as you have already planted a seed on me which has made me question my current healthy eating patterns.
The book also covers and demystifies some old wife tells which I have always believed but I didn’t understand why. I.e. the lemon warm water in the morning! 
I really enjoyed it!

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